Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve with Double Action Pneumatic Actuator

Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve with Double Action Pneumatic Actuator

Knife Gate Valve

one. Description

The knife gate is an uni-directional wafer valve developed for standard industrial service purposes. The design of the physique and seat assures non-clogging shut off on suspended solids in industries this sort of as:
• Pulp and Paper • Wastewater treatment crops • Foods and Beverage • CZPT
• Power crops • CZPT plants • Bulk handling


Design Dimension Flange Regular Examination Pressure (Mpa) Doing work Temp. Medium
Entire body CZPT Seal
PZ73X-16RQ DN50-DN350 PN10/PN16/150LB one.six 1. ≤80ºC Drinking water, Pulp, Sewage, Coal
DN400-DN600 1. .six
DN700-DN950 .six .four
DN1000 .6 .3
DN100-DN1400 .5 .3

two. Maximum Seal and Packing Temperatures

Max Temperature
one hundred twenty two hundred one hundred twenty 600


Max Temperature
80 600

3. CZPT Requirment

Materials: GGG40/50 CF8 CF8M 2205 2507
Relationship Design: Lug Type,. Flange Type
Relationship Normal: DIN EN 1091-1 GB/T 9119-2000 JIS 10K ASME B 16.5
Measurement Range: 2inch to 24 inch
CZPT Manner: Degree: Gear Box: Penematic: Motor

four. Pictures of Produciton

Casting Look at

Production View


CZPTd Valves

CZPT Management

Deal and transportation


Facilitis and Services
ZONY has develed a sophiticated multi-plant management method operating a single valve assembly plant, 1 ball valve plant and one R&D  center. Our latest foundry is under development, will be opened in 2571, and covering 33300 sq. meters.
CZPT software program ( ANSY, CAD, Pro-E, PE-Secure) is used listed here at ZONY for the R&D items centre.

High CZPT, Large Worth
Zony is focused to the pursuit of ” Zero Defect” we maintain a quality mangement Program that encompasses our entire procedure from buy entry, to ultimate inspeciton. However ZONY’S continuous attempts, our products hav reached industrial certificates such as IS9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, TS-A2, CE, GHOST.

ZONY recognizes the impotance of valve top quality for the safety and security of personnel overall health and property. It is our top quality commiment to target our resources to supply our clients with initial course products at a competitive cost, created, created, inspected and analyzed in accordance with our buyers specifications while complying with all intercontinental CZPTs. Our valve optimization progrram constantly strives toprovide valves that stand up to deterioration in service, and make certain safety more than the valves predicted lifetime.

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Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve with Double Action Pneumatic Actuator