China Brand Pneumatic Road Roller Compactor XP203 with Cheap Price

China Brand Pneumatic Road Roller Compactor XP203 with Cheap Price

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China brand CZPT highway Roller Compactor XP203 with Low cost Value

XP163/XP203 tyre compactor is the landmark of three sequence products created on the basis of two series goods. It leads the growth of Chinese tyre compactor because of to its high commence, high technique, substantial functionality, and high high quality. The device features beautiful appearance, driving convenience, simple operation, exceptional performance, protection and dependability, and convenient upkeep. It can be used in the construction of asphalt highway, base layer, hypo-base layer, and fill construction. It is a necessary compact equipment for street building and drinking water conservancy design, specially for the substantial-grade highways.

Driving comfort and ease

Roomy and brilliant taxi functions vast see and convenience. Both-aspect procedure can totally keep away from rolling the curb and the compacting blind corners.

Basic operation

There are two steering wheels, two seats, and two unbiased management techniques for operations. The speed modify adopts the gearbox with synchronizer, with three forward gears and two reverse gears, which can respectively meet the needs of compaction and web site transfer, that includes adaptable operation and cozy handfeel, and tremendously lowering the labor intensity of the motorists.

Outstanding performance

Adopting the pneumatic tyre to compact the layer will not hurt the compacted materials. The compact performance can be improved by adding or lowering the counterweight and altering the inflation pressure of the tyres. Since of the kneading influence produced by the tyre’s elasticity, the materials displacement will be created in all instructions, forming even dense floor with no cracks, which can prolong the support lifestyle of the highway. When the machine functions on tough street, the front wheels swing system makes certain the even floor stress, which can make the components be compacted evenly.

Protection and reliability

The brake technique includes crisis brake and hand brake. The crisis brake adopts air over oil shoe brake technique, attributes sturdiness and reliability, ensuring the basic safety functionality of the device. The hand brake adopts diaphragm spring brake, it nutritional supplements the foot brake and is restricted by the foot brake, that includes protection and dependability.

Dependability of water circuit

The drinking water sprinkling technique of XP163/XP203 satisfies the requirements of diverse working problems, prolongs the services daily life of the h2o pump, and avoids stopping operate due to the drinking water circuit failures.
The optional oil sprinkle unit meets the customer’s individualized need, effectively lowers the asphalt adhered to the tyres, and improves the operating top quality.

CZPT conservation and setting safety

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Product Unit XP203
Min. functioning excess weight kg 11740
Max. working bodyweight kg 20000
Ground stress kPa two hundred-four hundred
Journey pace km/h  
Speed I 4.two
Velocity II eight.two
Pace III seventeen.4
Reverse velocity I four.17
Reverse speed II eight.2
Theoretical gradeability % 20
Min. turning exterior radius mm 7330
Min. ground clearance mm 250
Compaction width mm 2250
Roller overlap amount mm 45
Tyre specification   11.00-twenty-16PR
Sum   Entrance 4/Rear 5
Engine product   YC4A125Z
Sort   H2o cooling, pressurizing
Rated energy kw @2200 r/min ninety two
Motor oil usage ≤230
CZPT oil tank ability L sixty
Diesel oil tank capacity L one hundred fifty
All round size mm 4770
Overall width mm 2250
General top mm 3285

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China Brand Pneumatic Road Roller Compactor XP203 with Cheap Price