China high quality Wiggle Wire & Lock Channel – Greenhouse Spring Lock & C-Channel Bundle Machine gearbox and motor

Product Description

 (1) The equipment includes: wire laying part, straightening part, embossing forming, preheating, powder feeding, baking, cooling, slitting cutting equipment.
(2) The total power of the equipment is 50KW, three-phase 4 wire 380V power supply, and the main embossing motor is 2.2kW.
(3) Square wire motor 0.37kw, powder motor 1.5kw, feeding motor 0.2KW, hydraulic motor 1.5kw, heating part 40kW.
(4) The equipment is 22 CHINAMFG long, 4 CHINAMFG wide, 1 meter narrow and 1.2 CHINAMFG high.

The equipment can produce 20 lock wire at a time, cut off every 16 bends, each 2 CHINAMFG in length, cut every 45 seconds, and can produce 1600 pieces per hour.Main parameters of the roll forming machine






Capacity:3 tons


 Forming station

13 stations


Motor power









Roller material 

45# Steel with quenched treatment,chromed on the surface


Shaft material

45# steel with tempering treatment,40mm diameter


Cutting type

Hydraulic cutting


Cutting material

Cr12 with quenched treatment Hardness58°-62°


Hydraulic power

3 kw


Control system



Electric brand




380V,50HZ,3PH(or as customers’ request)

Sr. No.




Decoiler 3 Ton

1 Set


Pitch Roll,Leveler and Feeder

 1 Set


Roll Forming Main Machine

 1 Set


Hydraulic Auto Punching Holes

 1 Set


Hydraulic Auto Cutting

1 Set


Hydraulic Power Bank

1 Set


Elc. Control Panel (PLC Base)

1 Set


Main Features
1.The roll forming machine can rollform metal roofing sheet. After roll formed by this roll forming machine, the surface will be very smooth and beautiful without any scratch on surface.
2.Rollforming process:uncoiler, straightening,rollforming, cut to length,Runout table.
3.Fully Automatic Control System with PLC.
4.Easy operation: Key in the length and quantity on the control panel.
5.One year warranty.
6.we also can do a custom roll forming machine, We can design the machine according to your specification and profile drawing.
7.One roll forming machine can produce one type profile.


1.How to maintain the machine?
Answer: add mechanical lubrication equipment to chain, bearing and cutting slide every month. Add mechanical lubrication to the case every half a year.
2. Do you sell only standard machines?
A: No, most of our machines are built according to customers specifications, using top brand name components.
3.How many workers to operate the machine?
A:Only 1-2 workers.
4. How to visit your company?
a.Fly to ZheJiang airport: By high speed train From ZheJiang Nan Station to HangZhou West Station(1 hour), then we can pick you up .
b.Fly to ZheJiang Airport: By high speed train From ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) to HangZhou West station(4.5 hours), then we can pick you up.
5. What can you do if the machine broken?
Our machine’s warranty period is 12months,if the broken parts can’t be repaired,we can send the new parts to replace the broken parts for free,but you need pay the express cost yourself.if over warranty period,we can for to solve the problems via negotiation,and we supply the technical support for the whole life of the equipment.
6.How can I trust you that machines pasted testing running before shipping?
A: 1) We record the testing video for your reference. Or,
2) Please visit company and test machine if convenient.

After-sales Service: Training, Spart Parts, on-Site Service
Warranty: 2 Years
Certification: CE, RoHS, GS, ISO9001
Customized: Customized
Condition: New
Control Type: CNC
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

greenhouse gearbox

Designs of Greenhouse Gearboxes for Different Greenhouse Sizes

Greenhouse gearboxes are designed to cater to various greenhouse sizes and configurations. Different designs are available to ensure optimal performance and efficient operation based on the greenhouse’s scale:

  • Single Unit Gearboxes: These are suitable for smaller or hobbyist greenhouses. They control individual components like louvers or vents and are relatively simple to install and operate.
  • Multi-Unit Gearboxes: For medium-sized greenhouses, multi-unit gearboxes are used to control multiple components simultaneously. They offer more advanced synchronization and automation features.
  • Centralized Gearbox Systems: Large commercial greenhouses often utilize centralized gearbox systems. These systems manage a wide array of components and systems across the greenhouse, enabling comprehensive synchronization and control.
  • Modular Gearbox Systems: Some manufacturers offer modular gearbox systems that can be customized and expanded based on greenhouse requirements. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for greenhouses that may grow in size over time.

The design of greenhouse gearboxes considers factors such as the number of components to control, the complexity of synchronization needed, and the greenhouse’s overall size. Choosing the appropriate design ensures that greenhouse automation is tailored to the specific needs of the operation.

greenhouse gearbox

Examples of Greenhouses Using Gearbox Technology

Various greenhouses around the world have embraced gearbox technology to enhance their operations and achieve better energy efficiency:

  • Almeria Greenhouses, Spain: Almeria is known for its vast network of high-tech greenhouses that use advanced gearbox-controlled ventilation and shading systems. These systems ensure optimal growing conditions while conserving energy.
  • Netherlands Greenhouses: The Netherlands is a pioneer in greenhouse technology. Many Dutch greenhouses utilize gearbox-driven systems for ventilation, temperature control, and shading. These systems enable year-round cultivation and reduce energy consumption.
  • Gotham Greens, USA: This urban greenhouse company uses gearbox technology to control automated systems that adjust lighting, temperature, and irrigation. The precise control offered by gearboxes helps optimize plant growth and minimize resource usage.
  • Tomita Farm, Japan: Located in Tokyo, this technologically advanced greenhouse utilizes gearboxes to regulate ventilation, cooling, and heating systems. The gearboxes enable the greenhouse to maintain stable conditions in the face of changing external temperatures.
  • Emirates Hydroponics Farms, UAE: In the arid desert environment of the UAE, greenhouses rely on gearbox-controlled irrigation systems to provide water-efficient cultivation. Gearboxes play a crucial role in managing water distribution and usage.

These examples showcase how greenhouse gearbox technology is used globally to optimize growing environments, conserve resources, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.

greenhouse gearbox

Automation of Ventilation and Shading Systems with Greenhouse Gearboxes

Greenhouse gearboxes play a vital role in automating ventilation and shading systems, enhancing the efficiency of greenhouse operations:

  • Ventilation Systems: Gearboxes are integrated into automated ventilation setups to control the opening and closing of windows, louvers, and vents. By adjusting the gear ratios, these gearboxes enable precise regulation of airflow based on factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. This automation helps maintain optimal growing conditions and prevents excessive heat buildup.
  • Shading Systems: Gearboxes are utilized in automated shading systems that provide protection from intense sunlight. These systems include retractable screens or shading curtains that can be controlled based on light intensity and time of day. Greenhouse gearboxes allow gradual adjustments to the shading level, preventing sudden changes that could stress plants. By automating shading, gearboxes contribute to maintaining consistent light levels and preventing overheating.

The automation of ventilation and shading systems using greenhouse gearboxes reduces the need for manual intervention, especially in large-scale greenhouse operations. Growers can program the gearboxes to respond to environmental conditions, ensuring that plants receive the right amount of fresh air and light without requiring constant monitoring.

China high quality Wiggle Wire & Lock Channel - Greenhouse Spring Lock & C-Channel Bundle Machine   gearbox and motor	China high quality Wiggle Wire & Lock Channel - Greenhouse Spring Lock & C-Channel Bundle Machine   gearbox and motor
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