China Hot selling Farmland Greenhouse Irrigation Water and Fertilizer Integration Equipment bevel gearbox

Product Description

Farmland Greenhouse Irrigation Water and Fertilizer Integration Equipment

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High output

Hydroponic system vegetables directly provide nutrition and water to the root through nutrient solution.The yield of vegetables grown in this way is several times higher than that of traditional soil cultivation



Good quality

Because the nutrient supply is balanced, and it is carried out under the conditions of protective facilities such as greenhouses.  the plant will not accumulate too much secondary metabolites produced by resisting drought, flooding, disease,
insect bites, and nutritional imbalance. Therefore, the taste of hydroponic vegetables is better and the inner quality is better.


Easy to automate management

 its nutrient level can be accurately controlled by automatic control equipment. It is only necessary to add various detection probes and corresponding control equipment to realize the automatic management of the production process.


Safe and delicious

Hydroponics pollution-free vegetables are natural, no additives, no residual pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and no hormones are used. Any hydroponic vegetable tastes more flavorful, crisper and more delicious.


System introduction

The integration of water and fertilizer is the use of a pressure irrigation system to mix soluble CHINAMFG fertilizer or liquid fertilizer together with irrigation water to uniformly and accurately deliver to the root soil of the crop. Using irrigation and fertilization technology, it can be designed according to the growth needs of crops, and the needs of the whole growth period can be designed. Water and fertilizer integrated intelligent irrigation is combined with the irrigation system to realize intelligent and precise control.

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Intelligent water fertilizer machine Backwash Disc Filter Drip drop irrigation system

Coconut bran plant tomato system Intelligent control cabinet Hydroponic pipe and irrigation pipe

Water purification equipment Vertical hydroponics technology Motor


HangZhou XinHe Greenhouse horticulture  Co., LTD is a professional company which sets greenhouse and supporting facility design,manufacture and research&development in one. The major products include flower market greenhouses, planting greenhouses, aquaculture greenhouses, CHINAMFG breeding greenhouses, ecological restaurant greenhouses, glasshouses, spherical greenhouses, sunlight-plate greenhouses, photovoltaic solar energy greenhouses,film greenhouses and corresponding accessories.

We have our own factory

1. Sexteen years of professional experience.
2. The company sets up a r&d team.
3. The product adopts the latest technology and the computer is fully controlled.
4. After-sales installation to support engineers.
5. The company has a team of professional consultants and service personnel to meet the needs of customers for a series of project-related services.
·Covers an area of 20,000 square meters
·Has a modern standard environmental protection workshop
·Complete hardware and software facilities



Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Wheat, Rice, Corn, Peanut, Tubers, Beans, Trees, Fruit
Application Field: Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture, Forestry
Function: Fertilization
US$ 150/Square Meter
1 Square Meter(Min.Order)


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greenhouse gearbox

Designs of Greenhouse Gearboxes for Different Greenhouse Sizes

Greenhouse gearboxes are designed to cater to various greenhouse sizes and configurations. Different designs are available to ensure optimal performance and efficient operation based on the greenhouse’s scale:

  • Single Unit Gearboxes: These are suitable for smaller or hobbyist greenhouses. They control individual components like louvers or vents and are relatively simple to install and operate.
  • Multi-Unit Gearboxes: For medium-sized greenhouses, multi-unit gearboxes are used to control multiple components simultaneously. They offer more advanced synchronization and automation features.
  • Centralized Gearbox Systems: Large commercial greenhouses often utilize centralized gearbox systems. These systems manage a wide array of components and systems across the greenhouse, enabling comprehensive synchronization and control.
  • Modular Gearbox Systems: Some manufacturers offer modular gearbox systems that can be customized and expanded based on greenhouse requirements. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for greenhouses that may grow in size over time.

The design of greenhouse gearboxes considers factors such as the number of components to control, the complexity of synchronization needed, and the greenhouse’s overall size. Choosing the appropriate design ensures that greenhouse automation is tailored to the specific needs of the operation.

greenhouse gearbox

Enhancing Precision of Greenhouse Equipment with Gearbox Technology

Greenhouse gearboxes play a significant role in enhancing the precision of various greenhouse equipment and systems:

  • Ventilation Systems: Gearbox-controlled ventilation systems allow precise adjustment of louvers and vents. This level of control ensures optimal airflow and temperature regulation, promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Shading Systems: Gearboxes are used to operate shading systems that provide protection from excessive sunlight. By adjusting the shading angle with precision, gearboxes prevent overheating and minimize stress on plants.
  • Irrigation Systems: Gearbox-driven irrigation systems enable accurate and controlled water distribution. This prevents overwatering or underwatering, which is essential for maintaining plant health and conserving water.
  • Temperature Control: Greenhouses equipped with gearbox-controlled heaters and cooling systems can maintain consistent temperatures. Gearboxes ensure precise adjustments based on external conditions, preventing temperature fluctuations.
  • Lighting Systems: Some advanced greenhouses use gearboxes to adjust artificial lighting positions. This helps optimize light exposure for plants, promoting photosynthesis and growth.
  • Automated Planting Systems: Gearbox-driven automation is utilized in planting and transplanting equipment. The precise movement of these systems ensures accurate spacing between plants, improving crop yield and uniformity.

By incorporating gearbox technology, greenhouse equipment can achieve higher levels of precision, resulting in improved crop quality, resource efficiency, and overall productivity.

greenhouse gearbox

Benefits of Using a Gearbox in Greenhouse Equipment

Gearboxes play a crucial role in greenhouse equipment, offering several benefits that contribute to efficient operations and improved plant growth:

  • Mechanical Advantage: Gearboxes provide mechanical advantage by adjusting the speed and torque of equipment. This enables precise control over various greenhouse systems, such as ventilation, shading, and temperature regulation.
  • Customization: Different gear ratios in gearboxes allow customization of equipment movements. This customization helps match equipment operation with specific environmental and plant growth requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Gearboxes optimize the energy consumption of greenhouse equipment by ensuring that components move at the right speed and with the appropriate force. This prevents energy waste and reduces operational costs.
  • Precise Control: Gearboxes enable fine-tuned adjustments, ensuring precise control over equipment movements. This level of control is essential for maintaining optimal growing conditions and preventing stress on plants.
  • Automation: Gearboxes facilitate automation in greenhouse systems. They can be integrated with sensors and controllers to automatically regulate temperature, humidity, ventilation, and other factors, reducing the need for constant manual adjustments.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear: By controlling the speed and torque of equipment components, gearboxes reduce mechanical stress and wear. This prolongs the lifespan of greenhouse equipment and reduces maintenance requirements.
  • Enhanced Plant Health: Properly controlled greenhouse equipment, made possible by gearboxes, creates an environment that promotes plant health and growth. This leads to higher yields, better crop quality, and increased profitability.

In essence, gearboxes enhance the functionality and efficiency of greenhouse equipment, enabling growers to create optimal growing conditions and achieve successful cultivation.

China Hot selling Farmland Greenhouse Irrigation Water and Fertilizer Integration Equipment   bevel gearbox	China Hot selling Farmland Greenhouse Irrigation Water and Fertilizer Integration Equipment   bevel gearbox
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