China manufacturer Lgcm CZPT 1ton Mini Crawler Excavator with Euro 5 Engine comer gearbox

Product Description

LGCM CZPT 1ton Mini Crawler Excavator with Euro 5 Engine

Product Description

Main Features of LG10 Excavator:


  1. High travel speed.
  2. Small turning radius and good adaptability to various working sites.
  3. Short total cycle time with flexible movement.


  1. Reliable braking system.
  2. Safe and comfortable operating environment.

Energy Saving & Green Initiative

  1. Remarkable fuel and energy conservation, save 25% based on same configuration.
  2. Low noise.

Reliability & Durability

  1. Reliable drive system.
  2. Upgraded hydraulic system.
  3. New design concept of electrical system.
  4. Optimal designed structural components, Have passed 200,000 times of fatigue enhancement tests.

Comfort & Convenience

  1. Cab space enlarged by 15%.
  2. Low noise, shock-absorbed and dust proof cab.
  3. side-flipped engine hood, easy for maintenance.
  4. Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nization-designed operating lever.

Energy Saving & Green Initiative

  1. Yunnei turbo engine is adopted for strong power, large torque reserve and excellent performance. Pumps with large displacement are equipped, which greatly increases working efficiency and decreases fuel consumption and noise, together with short total cycle time.

Reliability & Durability

  1. Structural components are of advanced design and manufacture, featuring excellent impact resistance, reliability and load capacity.
  2. Countershaft transmission is adopted, which is compact in structure. With high transmission efficiency, low failure rate, tiny impact of shifting and easy maintenance, it suits well to heavy duty mini loaders.


1.The mini excavator is designed for small works, small projects, in garden, farmland, municipal works, vegetable greenhouse, CZPT trench.

2.It has a small size, a small radius of gyration, and is easy to operate and flexible. It’s with small engine, simple design, easy to maintain.

3.The overall layout and the axle load distribution are more reasonable to achieve better traveling stability to realize faster site transfer speed.

4.It can be replaced with different aids to work in different work scenarios. For example, breakers, pincers, piling, etc.

Product Specifications

Overall performance Unit Value
Excavator model   LG10
Engine Model   Kepu192F /Changchai192F
Rated Power KW 7.6/7.5
Rated Speed r/min 3000
Working Pressure of Hydraulic Pump mpa 16
Maximum walking speed km/h 1.2
Rotary speed rpm 11
Max Climb Capability ° 30
Bucket CZPT force KN 11
Weight kg 890
Max ecavation depth mm 1635
Max ecavation height mm 2755
Max unloading height mm 1960
Max vertical excavation depth mm 1305
Max lifting heiht of bulldozer mm 350
Max excavation depth of bulldozer mm 209
Standard buket size(L*W) mm 340*370
Standard buket capacity 0.571
Profile size mm 2800×800×1580

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Company Profile

Our Factory

Packaging & Shipping

We have been engaged in foreign trade for many years,and have very rich experience in sea transportation.According to past cases,each of our goods is intact and delivered to customers on schedule.


Our factory has passed various certifications including ISO9000; CE and so on.



1.How long is your lead time?
15-20days after receiving the deposit

2.How is the warranty?
Our warranty time is 6 months from date of machine arriving at your destination port.

3.Do you have any machine in stock?
No, every machine is manufactured according to customer request. This ensures higher quality.

4.Could you do OEM?
Yes, OEM is acceptable. We could make the unique machine as per your specific configuration and requirements.

5.What is the advantage of LAIGONG?
All of our machines passed CE test, We strictly follow the CE standard to produce the loaders, and each of them is passed our rigorous inspection.
Our factory is passed ISO9000 and ISO4000 test.

6.What kind of service can we get from LAIGONG?
If there is any using problem, we can provide online or video guidance.
If there is any quality problem, we will provide solutions through your pictures or your description, or our local dealer could also service on-site.
Our service department has no holiday, always stand by for you and respond within 5 hours.

7.Why do you choose LAIGONG?
LAIGONG Equipment established in 2018, In the earlier period, we only designed and manufactured the chassis frames, since 2011, we have started to assemble the loaders, we had gained lot of experience during these 5 years and summarized that the frame’s quality decide the loader’s quality, so our products are more practical and more reliable.

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Type: Crawler Excavator
Usage: Special Excavator, Mining Excavator
Bucket: Grab Shovel


Customized Request

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China manufacturer Lgcm CZPT 1ton Mini Crawler Excavator with Euro 5 Engine   comer gearbox	China manufacturer Lgcm CZPT 1ton Mini Crawler Excavator with Euro 5 Engine   comer gearbox
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