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Product Description

Product Description

This filler is different from film filler & grid filler. The feature as follows:
1: Unique mesh-designed can achieved liquid drop quickly Polymerization and dispersion
2: The open cross-diagonal/vertical grid structure promotes high frequency contact and renewal of gas and liquid, overcomes filler
clogging and improve the overall cooling performance significantly.
It is very suitable in cooling tower, agricultural and highly complex mass transfer applications.






1 Year


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New Product 2571

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1 Year

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PLC, Gear

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Farms, Other, Poultry House, Greenhouse, Poultry Farm, Factory

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Cooling Pad


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greenhous,workshop,poultry house




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Company Profile

HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Greenhouse and Horticulture CO., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer that designs and processes all kinds of greenhouse skeletons and supporting facilities, focusing on the design of greenhouses such as flower market greenhouses,greenhouses, aquatic products, CHINAMFG farming greenhouses, ecological restaurant greenhouses manufacture.


Our company can process and produce greenhouse skeletons with widths of 6 meters, 8meters, 9.6 meters,10.8 meters,12 CHINAMFG and 16 meters, and can also produce special skeletons for ecological restaurant greenhouses with high roof, large span and wide open space.12-16 meters, the column height is more than 6 meters, the opening is 4-12 meters, the appearance is beautiful, the internal view is wide, spacious and bright.


With an annual production capacity of more than 1,000,000 square CHINAMFG of various greenhouse skeleton products and accessories.Since the company’s products have been put on the market, the design is advanced, the quality is superior, the service is thoughtful, the price is fair and well received by the users!


Our company takes”high-quality products, reasonable price, considerate service, first-class reputation” as the enterprise strategy, and aims at customer satisfaction with advanced technology and sincere service. We are willing to work together with customers to contribute to modern facilities agriculture.


 1.  How long is the delivery time?
According to your greenhouse size and system, the delivery time is usually 10-40days.
 2.  How long is the warranty period?
Different parts have different warranty, usually the electric machine guarantee 1 year, the steel structure 5years, glass 1 year, sunshade net 2-3years, etc.
3.  How to install greenhouse?
First we prepare the material and export.
After your customs clearing, we send 2-4 engineers or all workers to guide to install.
If you want to save money, we only send engineers, and you match local workers. If you think it is hard to do, we also can send engineers and workers to install for you.
 4.  When installing, what cost should we pay?
our engineers and workers visas and round-trip tickets, their foods and accommodation, their communication.

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Industry, Livestock and Poultry Breeding, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture industry, Greenhouse
Thickness: Customizable
Certification: RoHS, ISO9001:2008, CE


Customized Request

greenhouse gearbox

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Greenhouse Gearbox

Choosing the right greenhouse gearbox for your setup is crucial to ensure optimal performance and functionality. Here are the key factors to consider:

  • Load Capacity: Evaluate the weight and resistance of the louvers or other components the gearbox will control. Ensure the gearbox can handle the load without straining or wearing out.
  • Gearbox Ratio: Select a gearbox with the appropriate ratio to achieve the desired louver movement based on the motor’s input. The ratio determines how much the louver will open or close per motor rotation.
  • Speed Requirements: Consider the speed at which you need the ventilation louvers to open or close. Choose a gearbox that can provide the necessary speed while maintaining precision.
  • Automation Compatibility: Determine whether the gearbox can be easily integrated into your greenhouse’s automation system. Compatibility with sensors, controllers, and other automation components is essential for efficient operation.
  • Accuracy and Precision: Look for a gearbox that offers accurate and precise position control. This ensures that the louvers can be adjusted to the exact desired position for optimal ventilation control.
  • Environmental Conditions: Consider the environmental conditions within the greenhouse, including temperature and humidity. Choose a gearbox that can withstand these conditions without compromising performance or durability.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Evaluate the ease of installation and maintenance of the gearbox. Access for maintenance and the availability of replacement parts are important considerations.
  • Customization: Determine if the gearbox can be customized to suit the specific layout and requirements of your greenhouse. Customization options allow for a tailored solution that fits your needs.
  • Budget: Compare the cost of the gearbox with its features and capabilities. Choose a gearbox that provides the best value for your budget while meeting your requirements.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the right greenhouse gearbox that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your greenhouse ventilation and shading systems.

greenhouse gearbox

Optimizing Performance of Greenhouse Gearboxes through Gear Ratios

Gear ratios play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of greenhouse gearboxes by influencing various aspects of their operation:

  • Speed and Torque: Gear ratios determine the relationship between the speed of input and output shafts. By selecting appropriate gear ratios, greenhouse gearboxes can achieve the desired balance between speed and torque, ensuring efficient operation of ventilation systems, louvers, and other components.
  • Precision: The right gear ratios enable precise control over the movement of various greenhouse mechanisms. This is crucial for maintaining accurate positioning of vents, shades, and other elements to regulate temperature and lighting.
  • Energy Efficiency: Properly chosen gear ratios ensure that the gearbox operates within its optimal range, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. This is especially important for automation systems that require continuous adjustment.
  • Response Time: Gear ratios influence the response time of the gearbox in adjusting greenhouse components. Well-matched gear ratios allow for quick and smooth transitions, ensuring rapid adaptation to changing conditions.
  • Load Distribution: Gear ratios help distribute loads evenly across various components, preventing strain and wear. This extends the lifespan of both the gearbox and the connected mechanisms.

In essence, gear ratios enable greenhouse gearboxes to tailor their performance to the specific needs of the environment, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth while maximizing efficiency and longevity.

greenhouse gearbox

Automation of Ventilation and Shading Systems with Greenhouse Gearboxes

Greenhouse gearboxes play a vital role in automating ventilation and shading systems, enhancing the efficiency of greenhouse operations:

  • Ventilation Systems: Gearboxes are integrated into automated ventilation setups to control the opening and closing of windows, louvers, and vents. By adjusting the gear ratios, these gearboxes enable precise regulation of airflow based on factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. This automation helps maintain optimal growing conditions and prevents excessive heat buildup.
  • Shading Systems: Gearboxes are utilized in automated shading systems that provide protection from intense sunlight. These systems include retractable screens or shading curtains that can be controlled based on light intensity and time of day. Greenhouse gearboxes allow gradual adjustments to the shading level, preventing sudden changes that could stress plants. By automating shading, gearboxes contribute to maintaining consistent light levels and preventing overheating.

The automation of ventilation and shading systems using greenhouse gearboxes reduces the need for manual intervention, especially in large-scale greenhouse operations. Growers can program the gearboxes to respond to environmental conditions, ensuring that plants receive the right amount of fresh air and light without requiring constant monitoring.

China Standard Agricultural Aluminum Gutter Pads Poultry Cooling Pad Agriculture Greenhouse System   cvt gearbox	China Standard Agricultural Aluminum Gutter Pads Poultry Cooling Pad Agriculture Greenhouse System   cvt gearbox
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