China wholesaler 200m³ Large Flow Rate Fish CZPT Shrimp Farm CZPT Equipment gearbox drive shaft

Product Description

Product Description

-Fully Automatic with Little to No Maintenance! Easy installation, complete set Plug & Play!

-Finer Mechanical Filter: This filter is a pre filter system and can remove dirt above 74 microns in a quick mechanical way.

-300m³/h, more suitable for large-scale farming, simplifying manual and complicated operations

-We have different drum filter with different flow rates, welcome to contact us for more details!

-Energy Efficient: This premium filter line offers exceptional performance with very low energy consumption.


-Wide application:
Suitable for koi pond, tilapia pond, aquarium, restaurants, fish plant intergrowth, hydroponics, aquaponics. This excellent outdoor pond filter can improve water quality and provide a clear and healthy pond for your fish.






























Company Profile

ZheJiang Qingma Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.

ZheJiang Qingma Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of recycled aquatic products
The system (RAS) and raw water treatment system have been producing OEM patented CHINAMFG equipment since 2017.

We are engaged in update the traditional CHINAMFG model, to research, exploit, production and sales as 1 of the modern high-density CHINAMFG equipment enterprises.

Our team composed of capable technical personnel in the field of automatic control, water quality monitoring, aquaculture
technology and after-sales service. We always persevere in finding innovative solutions for lower energy consumption and higher productivity, which has got the good reputation from all over the world.


1. who are we?
We are professional manufacture based in ZheJiang , China, specializing in Recirculating CHINAMFG System(RAS) & Exclusive Removable PP Fish Tank & High-density fish tank drain device both with own patented. With the ability of independent research and development to create modern high-density farming equipment and farming technology, we have risen rapidly in the field of aquaculture, and have obtained 11 patents, 30+ trademarks, ISO9001 and so on.

2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

Always pay attention to 24H After-sales service or Technical Support.

3.what can you buy from us?
Fish farming equipment, CHINAMFG ras system, Rotary drum filter, Oxygen Generator, Galvanized Sheet Fish Tank, PP Fish Tank, Fish&Shrimp sewage toilet, Protein Skimmer, Biological Filter, Fluidized bed, Vertical Flow Sedimentation Filter, Square Nursery Tank, All-in-1 RAS Equipment…

4. Is it suitable for beginners?
Yes, This is a more scientific and intelligent farming method, which can reduce risks such as weather and diseases compared with traditional farming. Also reduce your labor cost and pond cost, and the breeding density is more than 5 times that of traditional breeding density.

5. Can you support customization?
We have our own R&D department, engineers and production lines, we can also provide customization service based on your need. Welcome to contact us for more details!

After-sales Service: 10 Year Warranty
Warranty: 5 Year
Type: Drum Filter


Customized Request

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greenhouse gearbox

Synchronization of Greenhouse Systems with Gearboxes

Greenhouse gearboxes play a crucial role in synchronizing various greenhouse systems, ensuring seamless and coordinated operation. They achieve synchronization through the following mechanisms:

  • Timing Mechanisms: Gearboxes are equipped with timing mechanisms that allow precise control over the movement of components like louvers, vents, shades, and curtains. This enables these components to open and close at specific times to maintain optimal environmental conditions.
  • Sensor Integration: Greenhouse gearboxes can be integrated with sensors that monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, light levels, and CO2 concentration. Based on sensor data, gearboxes can adjust the position of system components to maintain desired conditions.
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): PLCs are often used to control greenhouse automation systems. Gearboxes can be controlled by PLCs, allowing for the programming of complex sequences of movements and adjustments that synchronize with other greenhouse processes.
  • Centralized Control Systems: In larger greenhouse operations, centralized control systems oversee multiple components and systems. Gearboxes can be integrated into these centralized systems, ensuring coordinated actions across different parts of the greenhouse.
  • Customizable Sequences: Greenhouse gearboxes offer customizable settings that allow growers to define specific sequences for different times of day or growth stages. This flexibility enables synchronization tailored to the specific needs of the plants.

By enabling the synchronization of greenhouse systems, gearboxes contribute to efficient resource utilization, improved plant health, and optimized growth conditions.

greenhouse gearbox

Managing Variations in Temperature and Environmental Conditions with Greenhouse Gearboxes

Greenhouse gearboxes play a crucial role in maintaining optimal conditions for plant growth by managing variations in temperature and environmental factors. Here’s how they contribute:

  • Ventilation Control: Greenhouse gearboxes are used to regulate the opening and closing of vents and louvers. This helps control temperature by allowing hot air to escape and cool air to enter when needed.
  • Shading Systems: Some gearboxes control shading systems that provide shade to prevent excessive sunlight and heat buildup during the day. These systems can be adjusted to provide the right amount of shade based on the outdoor conditions.
  • Heating Systems: Gearboxes can control heating systems, ensuring that the greenhouse remains warm and frost-free during colder periods. They adjust the intensity of heating equipment based on temperature sensors.
  • Cooling Systems: In warmer climates, greenhouse gearboxes manage cooling systems such as fans and misting systems. They adjust the speed and operation of these systems to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • Humidity Control: Some gearboxes are involved in managing humidity levels by controlling misting or humidification systems. These systems help maintain the appropriate level of moisture in the air.

The ability to adjust these factors with precision allows greenhouse operators to create a controlled environment that promotes healthy plant growth, regardless of external temperature and weather conditions.

greenhouse gearbox

Handling Precise Adjustment of Ventilation Louvers with Greenhouse Gearboxes

Greenhouse gearboxes play a crucial role in achieving precise and automated adjustment of ventilation louvers in greenhouse systems. Here’s how they handle this task:

  • Mechanical Advantage: Greenhouse gearboxes utilize mechanical advantage to convert the input motion from a motor or actuator into precise and controlled movement of the ventilation louvers. This allows for small motor movements to result in significant louver adjustments.
  • Ratio Selection: The choice of gearbox ratio determines the relationship between the input motion and the resulting louver movement. By selecting an appropriate ratio, greenhouse operators can achieve the desired level of louver opening or closing based on the motor’s rotation.
  • Position Control: Gearboxes enable accurate position control of the ventilation louvers. This is essential for maintaining consistent airflow, temperature, and humidity levels within the greenhouse, which are critical factors for optimal plant growth.
  • Automation Integration: Greenhouse gearboxes can be integrated with automation systems, sensors, and controllers. This allows for precise adjustment of ventilation based on factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. Automated systems ensure that the louvers respond to changing conditions without manual intervention.
  • Smooth Operation: Gearboxes provide smooth and gradual movement of ventilation louvers. This prevents abrupt changes in airflow that could negatively impact plant health. The use of gearboxes ensures that the louvers move smoothly and avoid sudden jerks.
  • Customization: Greenhouse gearboxes can be customized to suit specific greenhouse layouts and ventilation requirements. This flexibility allows for optimal louver positioning based on the greenhouse’s design and the types of crops being grown.

In summary, greenhouse gearboxes offer the precision, control, and automation required to effectively adjust ventilation louvers in greenhouses, contributing to the creation of ideal growing conditions for plants.

China wholesaler 200m³ Large Flow Rate Fish CZPT Shrimp Farm CZPT Equipment   gearbox drive shaft	China wholesaler 200m³ Large Flow Rate Fish CZPT Shrimp Farm CZPT Equipment   gearbox drive shaft
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