China wholesaler New Mini Farm Greenhouse Agricultural Machinery Used 4 Wheel Driver 50 Horsepower Orchard Warm Room Orchard Tractor car gearbox

Product Description

New Mini Farm Greenhouse Agricultural Machinery Used 4 Wheel Driver 50 Horsepower Orchard Warm Room Orchard Tractor

1. Product description

Greenhouse-king series tractor are designed for greenhouse and garden specially, this tractor have all the functions as other tractors. It is the ideal machine for greenhouse and gardens. Small size, it has compact structure and small radius of turning circle. The 2 driving wheel can drive at the same time which suit for different kind of road conditions.

Matched machines and tools: ploughing tools like disc plough, disc harrow, rotary tiller and cultivator. Optional tools like front loader, backhoe, trailer, mower, rake, spraying machine

Exterior Design-Beautiful and lasting,
Perfect Product Quality Control System,
Independent Research and Development Team,
Comfortable driving,
Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized design

2.Technical parameter

Tavol 55hp Tactor Main Parameters
Model TL554
Type 4×4

Machine Parameters

PTO power  (KN) 34.3 
Rated Traction  (KN) 10.5
Dimensions (mm) 3650×1650×2350
Wheelbase(mm) 1965
Track(mm) Front wheel 1150
Rear wheel 1200-1360
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 330
Turning circle radius Unilateral braking 2.7±0.20,2.85±0.20
Not unilateral braking 3.0±0.30,3.15±0.30
Weight (KG) 1828
Drive Train Clutch Single or dual stage clutch
Gearbox 8+2 shift/8+8 shuttle shift
Walking steering Tire Front wheel 6.00-16/6.5-16/7.5-16
Rear wheel 9.4-24/11.2-24/12.4-24/12.4-28
Braking system Service brake Shoe brake

Working equipment

Maximum lifting force at 610mm(KN) 8.3
Suspension mechanism Three-point suspension type 1
Hydraulic output Optional 1 or 2 groups
PTO speed r/min 540/760 or 540/1000


Engine brand Laidong
Engine type Diesel engine
Engine cylinder 4
Optional Cabin AC
Start Start method Electric

Main fill volume

Radiater 10
Fuel tank 29
Engine oil pan(L) 5
Driveline oil (L) 20
Lifter(L) 9.5

3.Detailed pictures

3.Production process
Manufacture Process:
Adopt Advanced Stamping Equipment and Laser Cutting Equipment to Make Each Sheet Metal Standard Consistent;
Adopt Advanced Machining Equipment to Make Every Small Part Accurate and Correct; Adopt Advanced Electrophoresis
Painting Line, So that Every Tractor can be Equally Beautiful Atmosphere; The Modern Assembly Lines Allows Each
Tractor to be Qualified and Delivered Under the Same Quality Standards.
Complete Product Quality Control System, From Raw Materials to Vehicle Inspection and Delivery, Every Level of
Control, With the Best Heart, Assemble the Best Tractors, and Strive for the SHangZhou of One Billion Farmers.


It is widely used for ploughing, rotary-cultivating, sowing, irrigation, spraying, harvesting and transportation etc.
In paddy fields, dry land, arid land, orchard and plastic greenhouse.

5-Our service
One-stop Agricultural Machinery Equipment Program Service: 
1.Professional sales staff will provide you with a one-stop solution for agricultural machinery&equipment
2.Provided Guarantee of repair replacement and refund of substandard products Together with tractors,
so that you have no worries after purchase. 
3.Perfect after-sales service & system. Provide services for global agents. Relieve the worries of agents.
Better develop overseas markets. 


LCL is available. Optional CKD&SKD Package/ Full containers

7-Company Information

Tavol Group is a High-tech Groups Companies, Which Engage in High-end Agricultural Equipment
Manufacturing, Construction Machinery and High-precision Monitoring Sensors. CHINAMFG Group is Located
at the Foot of the World-famous Mountain HangZhou. Has Passed ISO9001, CE, SGS, BV, AAA, WIPO Madrid
International Trademark, High-tech Enterprise Certification and Special Equipment Manufacturing License etc.

ZheJiang CHINAMFG Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. are Focused on Development Of the Characteristic
Agricultural Machinery, Like Paddy Fields, Mountains, Hills etc; High-end Intelligence, Like Unmanned Driving
and CHINAMFG Precision Agriculture; also Automation like CVT and Power Gear Shift etc.
Products range: 15hp-200hp Farm Tractors and Other Farm Machines.


1) Manufacturer or Trading Company
We are a leading tractor manufacturer

(2) Delivery Time
Usually 25 days. In CHINAMFG season,30-40 days
(3)Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal.
(4)Tractor Options
Can be equipped with ROPS, Canopy, Cabin, AC Cabin, Air Brakes, Hydraulic Valve Out, Paddy Tire or as per your requirements.
(5)Tractor Logo
We have our own logo. And we also can put your logo for free.
(6)Tractor Implements
Rotary tiller, disc plow, furrow plow, cultivator, front end Loader, backhoe, Mower, Trailer, Snow Blower or as per your requirements.

9-Contact us

If you are interested in tractors,please contact us with following parameters:

1.what horse power do you need?

2.What is ordered quantity?

3. If require other implements?


Welcome to Contact 
Ms Nancy (Sales Director )


After-sales Service: Provided
Warranty: 2 Year
Type: Wheel Tractor
Usage: Farm Tractor
Certification: ISO, CE
Drive Wheel: 4WD


Customized Request

greenhouse gearbox

Versatile Applications of Greenhouse Gearboxes in Automation

Greenhouse gearboxes offer versatile solutions for a range of automation tasks within greenhouse operations. Their precise and reliable operation makes them suitable for various applications:

  • Ventilation Systems: Greenhouse gearboxes are commonly used to control the opening and closing of ventilation windows, ensuring optimal air circulation and temperature regulation.
  • Shading Systems: These gearboxes enable precise adjustment of shading systems, allowing for effective control of light levels to protect plants from excessive sunlight.
  • Roll-Up Sidewalls: Gearboxes can automate roll-up sidewalls, enabling easy modification of the greenhouse’s height and ventilation based on environmental conditions.
  • Irrigation Systems: Gearboxes are employed in automating irrigation systems to adjust water distribution and ensure even watering of plants.
  • Screen Systems: Greenhouse gearboxes contribute to the deployment and retraction of screens that regulate light, humidity, and temperature.
  • Temperature and Humidity Control: Gearboxes aid in automating louvers, vents, and dampers to maintain optimal greenhouse conditions.
  • Seedling Transplanting: Gearboxes can be integrated into systems that automate the movement of seedlings, ensuring efficient planting.
  • Curtain Systems: These gearboxes are used in controlling curtains that partition the greenhouse into sections, optimizing plant growth conditions.
  • Climate Control: Gearboxes are essential for managing complex climate control systems that require precise adjustments for temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.
  • Lighting Systems: Greenhouse gearboxes may contribute to the movement of adjustable lighting systems to maintain consistent light exposure for plants.

Due to their reliability, accuracy, and ability to handle various tasks, greenhouse gearboxes play a pivotal role in streamlining and enhancing greenhouse automation processes.

greenhouse gearbox

Customizing Greenhouse Gearboxes for Specific Layouts

Yes, greenhouse gearboxes can be customized to suit specific greenhouse layouts and requirements. Customization involves adapting the gearbox design, gear ratios, and other features to align with the unique characteristics of the greenhouse:

  • Layout and Structure: Greenhouses come in various layouts, sizes, and shapes. Customized gearboxes can be designed to fit seamlessly within the available space and be integrated into the greenhouse structure.
  • Automation Needs: Different greenhouse setups require different levels of automation. Customized gearboxes can be tailored to meet the specific automation tasks required, whether it’s regulating vents, shades, irrigation systems, or other components.
  • Environmental Factors: Greenhouses operate in varying climates, and customization can account for factors such as temperature, humidity, and light conditions. Gearboxes can be designed to withstand these conditions and ensure consistent performance.
  • Component Compatibility: Customized gearboxes can be designed to seamlessly connect with other greenhouse automation components, ensuring smooth synchronization and operation.
  • Load Distribution: Depending on the specific layout and equipment, customized gearboxes can distribute loads optimally across the system, preventing overload and ensuring longevity.

By offering customization, greenhouse gearboxes can provide tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, precision, and the overall performance of greenhouse operations.

greenhouse gearbox

Greenhouse Gearbox and its Role in Greenhouse Operations

A greenhouse gearbox is a type of gearbox specifically designed for use in greenhouse operations. It is used to control various systems and equipment within a greenhouse, such as ventilation systems, shading systems, and temperature control mechanisms. These gearboxes help automate and regulate environmental conditions in the greenhouse to create an optimal growth environment for plants.

The gearbox is integrated into the mechanisms that operate roof vents, sidewall vents, and other systems that control airflow, temperature, and shading. By adjusting the gear ratio, greenhouse operators can control the opening and closing of vents and shades, allowing for precise management of temperature, humidity, and light levels inside the greenhouse.

Greenhouse gearboxes are crucial for maintaining ideal growing conditions and ensuring the health and productivity of plants. They contribute to energy efficiency, improved plant quality, and optimized resource usage in greenhouse operations.

China wholesaler New Mini Farm Greenhouse Agricultural Machinery Used 4 Wheel Driver 50 Horsepower Orchard Warm Room Orchard Tractor   car gearbox	China wholesaler New Mini Farm Greenhouse Agricultural Machinery Used 4 Wheel Driver 50 Horsepower Orchard Warm Room Orchard Tractor   car gearbox
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