Npd1600 Jacking Balance Tunnel Boring Machine for Concrete Pipe

Npd1600 Jacking Balance Tunnel Boring Machine for Concrete Pipe

Primary Areas Brand :

No. Part Title Manufacturer
one Gear Reducers Dinamic/ Bonfiglioli
2 PLC plan controller MITSUBISHI,Japan
3 Touch Display screen MITSUBISHI,Japan
four Steering Solenoid valve BMEG,Germany
five CZPT valve BMEG,Germany
six Main CZPTtrical factors Schneider
seven Force oil pump ZheJiang shenfu
eight CZPTtric motor Siemens
nine Primary axle content 42CrMo
ten Alloy cutter materials Tungsten carbide YG11
eleven Shell material Q235


Principal CZPT Specification
No. Product OD*L Main Power Rectify method Oil cylinder thrust Greatest torque of Slicing Head (KN.M) Rpm of Slicing Head (r/min) Oil cylinder thrust of Major CZPT Stress of oil cylinder(Mpa) Discharge Pipe Dimension (mm)
one JR500 Φ695*2950 22*one 220KN*four fifteen.3 13.7 200T*2 31.five Φ75
two JR600 Φ795*2840 22*one 310KN*4 fifteen.three 200T*2 31.5 Φ75
three JR800 Φ980*4400 thirty*one 550KN*five 57 five 200T*2 31.5 Φ100
four JR1000 Φ1220*4400 15*three 480KN*4 89 three.2 200T*2 31.5 Φ100
5 JR1200 Φ1460*3800 eighteen.5*three 630KN*4 177 two.7 200T*2 31.five Φ100
six JR1350 Φ1640*4500 22*three 630KN*4 177 200T*2 31.five Φ125
seven JR1500 Φ1820*5000 30*three 630KN*four 276 two.7 200T*2 31.5 Φ125
/1600 /Φ2000*5000
8 JR1800 Φ2180*5000 30*four 800KN*eight 415 two.five 200T*four 31.5 Φ125
/2000 /Φ2420*5000 200T*six
nine JR2200 Φ2660*5200 37*four 800KN*8 553 2.5 200T*six 31.5 Φ150
10 JR2400 Φ2900*5600 30*six 990KN*8 553 two.five 200T*six 31.5 Φ150
eleven JR2600 Φ3160*5850 37*6 990KN*8 837 two.5 200T*eight 31.5 Φ150
/2800 /Φ3350*5850
12 JR3000 Φ3580*5900 37*eight 1240KN*8 1719 2.five 200T*eight 31.5 Φ150

Inside Composition :

Crushing Head Details :

Principal Axis and Gear Reducers  Details :

CZPTtric Cupboard Information :

CZPT Case :

Product Description :
Pipe Jacking CZPT 2000mm created for big pipe jacking engineering , generally used in the building of cement pipe crossings, developing properties translation, sewers, roads and rivers as a sheathing of other projects throughout a variety of channels.

Basic principle :
Pipe jacking construction is in the operate in the pit ,by signifies of jacking CZPT which make jacking force, and get over the friction in between the pipes and the bordering soil.
Jacking the pipes Into the soil at the style slope.and Removed soils .
Soon after a section of pipe finish jacking into the soil , then the CZPT segment of the pipes continue to jack into the soil , The basic principle is by means of the thrust of the principal cylinder    pipeline, intermediate jacking station,and other thrust pushing the resource pipe or heading equipment (by means of the soil )from working effectively to the receiving well and Raise up. Then , embed the pipes between the two wells.
Principal Characteristics:
Entire Segment rock earth stress show system.
The separated solitary grouting technique for cutter panel and spindle heart.
The rear of jacking pipe equipment equipped with jacking system and prevent deviation system.
Disk cutter adopts CZPT China brand.
Planetary gearbox adopts Italian BREVINI.
Undertake contact monitor, PLC CZPT and other innovative control method.
The data exhibited on the contact display screen can be related to users  office keep track of via RS232 interface.

Advantage :
The benefit of this technique is no excavation on the ground,Do not demolition,Does not ruin the ground buildingsDon’t injury the surroundings,Does not affect pipeline segment deformation,Time-saving, efficient, safe, low general price.
The engineering are extensively utilized in urban underground drinking water supply and drainage pipeline,CZPT fuel pipeline,Interaction cable and other non excavation laying.It can through the freeway, railway, bridge, mountains, rivers, channel and any creating on the ground.The use of the engineering construction, can save a large sum of land acquisition and demolition charges,also can decrease environmental pollution and highway congestion,It has substantial financial and social positive aspects.

Functioning Frequency :
1.Making use of in ROCK condition
2.Extensively employed in CZPT Asian international locations, ZheJiang , and Japan.
three.Inside cement pipe dia from one thousand-3200 mm
4.Skilled company who can make ROCK pipe jacking machine in China.
Nude Packing
Shipping Depth:
sixty days following thirty% deposit receiving
Our Companies :
 We will send skilled technician to your venture internet site to run the pipe jacking device and train operators for the project,  
one.On website provider help
two. 12month guarantee
three.Existence time provider help,
4. 7 days*24hours Scorching-line & Email Provider. 
5.Your inquiry connected to our pipe jacking device will be replied inside 24 hrs.Nicely-educated and seasoned workers will response all your inquiries in fluent English.
Warranty :
If high quality & assembling issue caused problems, we consider accountable on spare elements and all support costs.
If misuse or human elements induced the difficulty, consumers shall just take liable on spare parts and all support costs.

Chinese Patent of Compund Pipe Jacking CZPT

one.Introduction to CZPT Overall performance
A.The entire machine is waterproof (Chinese patent variety ZL201822154528.).
B.By getting rid of the crushing wheel and the attachment of cutter head ,  this  machine can be remoulded to the panel device which is more efficient  for silty clay layer construction and the device can be remoulded in the building web site.(equipment provided)
C.There is no require to return to the manufacturing unit.By changing the rock cutter head on the web site and connecting the entrance monitor, the rock equipment necessary for pure rock geology can be shaped (marketed separately).
D.According to a lot of years of building knowledge, we combined with genuine working situations.We  developed digital built-in management system independently, that can management the  pump and valve team factors integratedly in the course of the whole development method.Also, the entire procedure of construction  can be practical, basic, risk-free and trustworthy.

2. Geological circumstances relevant to factory gear (patent application variety 201915715.four)
A.It is appropriate for pebble layer, sand pebble layer, soil pebble layer with particle measurement <= 30% of its own pipe diameter.
B.Miscellaneous filling layer (no steel bar, large quantity of non-degradable gentle domestic rubbish), plain filling layer
C.Suitable for all sorts of challenging non-strongly cohesive soil levels with uniaxial compressive toughness <= 10MPa
D.Merged with soil advancement media to adapt to a variety of sand levels

three.Unique Design
Energy method of the equipment , correction system of the pumping station, bypass system, stress monitoring method and handle program can all be made for intercommunication of adjacent pipe diameters.Example:Ø800 and Ø1000 can be shared

The CZPTence of Slicing Head of Compound Pipe Jacking CZPT

Undertaking Situation :

Delivery information and provider after offer :

1)PAYMENT Conditions:
T/T :thirty% as advance payment and T/T 70% compensated ahead of shipment
two) DELIVERY  :
thirty days after receipt of 30% progress payment
3 )Provider Following Offer:
Electricity box, motor, reducer box warranty period is 1 year, during this a single calendar year services , non-human or unnatural disasters which led to any problems, we give cost-free servicing support to buyer’s CZPT Site.
CZPT technique, electrical system warranty interval is six months, These kinds of as human aspects direct to any difficulties and require to replace with new one particular, we will sell the CZPT and electrical components at our value price tag , buyer will bear the expense of CZPT and electrical elements and CZPT convey charges.
Following the device arrived at your CZPT web site, we will deliver 2 machine operators whose income is USD200/day, kindly also give our men and women ‘s space and food and round vacation air tickets during the time period of construction.

Npd1600 Jacking Balance Tunnel Boring Machine for Concrete Pipe