Thin Film Paper Surface Treatment Coating Machine

Thin Film  Paper  Surface Treatment  Coating Machine

Thin film/ paper/ floor treatment/ Coating equipment

Solution information

Brief introduction of composition
The device is composed of mesh element, urgent component, drying portion ahead of sizing, sizing machine, drying portion soon after sizing, calender, QCS detection, coiling element, transmission element, foundation component and other general gear.

one. Long net element

It is composed of stage expanding headbox, upper body roll, forming plate, dehydrating plate, drinking water suction tank, watermark roll, vacuum sofa roll, driving web roll and sofa roll paper loss pool. The size of web circumstance (that is, the distance from chest roll center to vacuum sofa roll heart) is 10083mm, and the peak of internet situation is 1630mm.

2. Push segment

The urgent part is composed of a double blanket push, a blanket water squeezing push gadget, a frame, a tensioner, a corrector, a water suction tank, a h2o spray pipe, and many others. the urgent reduced roller uses a lower blanket, and the urgent upper roller shares a blanket with a cylinder of idler.

three. Dry part ahead of sizing

The drying component is composed of a Φ 3000mm drying cylinder and a Φ 2500mm drying cylinder.

four. Sizing device: the inclined variety sizing machine is adopted, which is primarily composed of two rollers, body and stress gadget.
CZPT surface roller: Φ 400 × 2000mm, steel pipe protected with rubber. 1 parts
Chrome roller: Φ 400 × 2000mm, metal tube chrome plating. one items
Paper information roller: Φ 159 × 2000mm, metal tube chrome plated. two items
Pressurization gadget: undertake Φ 400mm corrugated air tube for one particular-way pressurization and self weight strain relief.
The design line force is 40kN / m, and the doing work line strain is twenty-30kn / m.

5. Drying part after sizing
This portion is primarily composed of movable arc roller, drying cylinder, dry net tensioner, corrector, manual roller, steam protect, and so on.

six. Soft calendering 1 established

Higher roll: sizzling roll is steel roll Φ 550 × 2100mm

Lower roll: the surface of comfortable roll is polyurethane roll surface area with diameter of Φ 550 × 2100mm and air tire is pressurized.

7. Horizontal winder one established
Roll cylinder: Φ 600 × 2100mm outer circle polished, geared up with movable arc roller.

8. Compressed air system: the system is only employed for control panel and fuel consumption point pipeline. Others, this kind of as principal pipeline, fuel storage tank and compressed air station, shall be offered by the user, but the air pressure shall not be significantly less than .7MPa.

nine. Thin oil lubrication program: this technique supplies skinny oil lubrication for the bearing of cylinder block and shut equipment box. It is geared up with integral skinny oil station and oil provide distributor with nominal volume of 2.5m3 and greatest functioning pressure of .63Mpa. Only the pipeline from the distributor to every single oil usage level is offered, and other oil provide and return pipelines are supplied by users.

10. Transmission component
The device adopts AC variable frequency generate, with a whole of ten transmission points and a overall energy of 200.5kw.

11. Base part
The foundation part consists of foundation drawing and foundation plate.

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Thin Film  Paper  Surface Treatment  Coating Machine