Three Cylinder Silica Sand Rotary Dryer

Three Cylinder Silica Sand Rotary Dryer

Expert Design 3 Cylinder Drum Dryer for Slurry

Rotary dryer, also named rotating cylinder drying device, which is largely utilized for mineral processing, developing resources, metallurgy, chemical, cement industry and other departments drying particular damp diploma or the dimensions of substance. Rotary dryer is mostly consisting of rotary entire body, raw content feeding plate, driving and supporting system, and many others. Rotary dryer robust adaptability to raw resources can be drying a range of components, and the products is basic and trustworthy, so extensively utilized. It is of large performance and has the features of realistic composition, substantial capacity, minimal use effortless operation, and so forth. It can make last items cost-free from grime and impurities and decrease the substantial good quality sand reduction.

Rotary dryer  Major features

one. It can use  chemical gypsum (Free gypsum dehydration, phosphogypsum etc) to fry β-semi-water gypsum directly.

 2. From craft process, guarantee the requests of frying temperature and time which should make precise control in roasting the gypsum.

 3. The discharging of work machine is designed rationally, when operation, there is no dust pollution.

 4. When interval feeding and discharging, it can be banked fire and shut down furnace. The stove fire can be put into normal production after 3 minutes by again opening furnace.

 5. Matched gas stove or fluidized bed furnace is used for supplying heat, the waste heat of tail gas can be used recycling. (Boil water, heat the air.




Rotary dryer Doing work Basic principle

CZPT cylinder dryer is a new type steady dryer which made on foundation of absorbing foreign technologies. The equipment is geared up 3 sets interior barrel. Raw content fed from screw import, under the perform of rake and scorching air stream, raw substance will get adequate warmth and mass transfer after CZPT deflection. Dried item will be collected by cyclone separator of bag filter, damp air will be exhausted by admirer. 

Rotary dryer  Main technological parameters

Product Shell diameter (mm) Shell size (mm) Shell quantity (m3) Rotary velocity (r/min) Energy(kw) Fat(t)
HG0.6×6 600 6000 1.7 one–8 three 2.9
HG .8×8 800 8000 4 one–eight 4 3.five
HG 1×10 1000 10000 7.nine one–eight five.five 6.eight
HG 1.2×6 1200 6000 6.8 1–six five.5 6.7
HG one.2×8 1200 8000 9 one–6 five.5 8.five
HG one.2×10 1200 ten thousand 11.3 one–six seven.five ten.7
HG one.2×11.8 1200 11800 thirteen.4 1–6 7.5 twelve.three
HG one.5×8 1500 8000 fourteen.1 1–5 eleven fourteen.8
HG one.5×10 1500 ten thousand 1–five eleven 16
HG one.5×11.eight 1500 11800 21 one–five 15 seventeen.five
HG one.5×15 1500 15000 26.5 1–5 15 19.two
HG 1.8×10 1800 ten thousand 25.five one–five 15
HG one.8×11.8 1800 11800 30 one–five eighteen.five
HG one.8×15 1800 15000 38.2 one–five eighteen.five 26.three
HG 1.8×18 1800 18000 forty five.eight 1–five 22 31.two
HG 2.2×11.8 2200 11800 forty four.eight one–4 22 thirty.5
HG 2.2×15 2200 15000 53.two 1–4 thirty 36.2
HG two.2×18 2200 18000 68.4 one–4 thirty 43.3

Rotary drum dryer Instruction:
Rotary drier is commonly employed for drying components in the industries of cemet, mine, contruction, chemical, foods, compoud fertilizer, and so forth. Feeding and discharging device is mounted with therCZPTuple to control drier temperature. The temperature adjust of drier’s feeding conclude can be indicated by the thermometer to manage the internal drier temperature ( usually 250-350°C)
Rotary drum dryer Structure:
Rotary drier equipment is primarily composed of shell, again and forth supporting wheel, feeding and discharging unit and equipment cap. The equipment which are not in the the scope of this device include firebox, feeding and discharging gear, dust catcher, and many others.
Rotary drum dryer working principle:
Rotary drier adopts direct movement kind of heating with warmth soure from firing device. The substance to be dried is pushed again immindiately


by spiral board when enters the shell from feeding tank and feeding chute. Due to the fact the drier is installed in slope, materials flows to the back again end underneath gravity and rotation drive, in the meantime, it is lifted by board continuously and thrown down accordingly, which make the materials form even curtain, and exchange heat sufficiently with internal the warmth movement. In the stop, h2o in the materials is dried by continuously scattering.
one. High Capability Rotary Drum Dryer positive aspects: 
reasonable structure, polished manufacture, high capacity, low energy consumption,  smooth rotation, easy operation, convenient transportation and so on.
2. Rotary Drum Dryer main parts: 
cylinder, lifters, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring, feeding device, discharging device, gear, gearbox, electric motor, cyclone dust collector,  furnace and etc.
3. Rotary Dryer Drum drier heating source: 
coal, coal gas, natural gas, LPG gas, wood, and etc.
four. Rotary Dryer Drum Drier Mode of flow: 
direct flow or counter flow. It is based on the different materials.
five.Rotary Dryer Drum Drier principle of operation:
The raw material plate which is arranged reasonably with changeable angles in order, throws moisture materials into the rotary cylinder. Then water will be separated from the materials by hot air-flow and changed into vapour to be discharged into the atmosphere. Then the materials would be dried.
Our Service of Rotary dryer 

CZPTal`s   Customer Support Technique
one,Buyer support consulting 2,Engineers reply complex queries 3,Figure out the solution fulfills customer requirements four,Buyer visits the manufacturing facility web site (buyer agent visits the manufacturing facility)
five,CZPT Consulting 6,signal agreement 7,Process Design eight,Venture Design
9,CZPT Fabrication 10,On-internet site Advice 11,Personnel Training twelve,Commissioning
thirteen,System Style fourteen,Revisit to Consumer 15,CZPT Tracking sixteen,Spare Parts Assist

CZPTal Guarantee and provider:
one).One year warranty
two).Free education course at our manufacturing facility with professional engineers.
3).We give the consumable areas at agent price tag when you require substitution
4).on the internet support every single working day, cost-free technical help with distinct languages.
five).We give door to doorway technical assistance to brokers, if essential. 
FAQ of Rotary dryer 
one, How to pay to you ?
We can settle for thirty% deposit , and harmony compensated to us prior to supply device to you .
two, How extended is the delivery time?
For CZPT devices or Components, it would be two-seven times For non-CZPT equipment and CZPT machines according to clients
distinct requirements, it would be Appointment time.
three, Do You Prepare Shipment For The CZPTs?
Yes, dear esteemed clients, for FOB or CIF value, we will prepare cargo for you. For EXW cost, clients require to prepare shipment by on their own or their brokers.
The closest port to us is HangZhou Port.
4,How about your product after-income support?
Normally we provide video clip and created technical assist. If needed, our engineers can also offer on-internet site service.Our product add-ons can be chosen in accordance to the actual wants of the consumer to pick the most proper way to provide.


Rotary dryer  Product Description

Three Cylinder Silica Sand Rotary Dryer