Track Type Dozer 450HP Dozer with Spare Parts

Track Type Dozer 450HP Dozer with Spare Parts

Principal Features for SINOWAY SWD9 CZPTdozer

Cummins drinking water-cooled engine has powerful power and 20% torque reserve.
CZPT mechanical torque converter brings together the higher performance of mechanical transmission and the adaptive efficiency of hydraulic transmission the common efficiency of the converter is a lot more than ten% higher than that of the ordinary flat frame type.
Large performance electrical power shift gearbox, basic structure, innovative, less power transmission links, minimal electricity consumption, substantial transmission effectiveness.

Substantial driving variety, higher driving sprocket, minimizes the impact load transmitted immediately from the floor to the driving sprocket, and enhances the services life of the transmission program by about 30%.
The self-adaptive L-kind elastic suspension device improves the relationship stiffness between the body and the body by pivot-sort winching. At the identical time, the floor adhesion performance is great, the driving ease and comfort is great, and the traction overall performance is outstanding.
The format of the entire machine is reasonable, which achieves the greatest mixture of the middle of gravity, the slicing power of the spade and the sturdy dynamic efficiency of the entire machine, and obviously enhances the doing work efficiency of the bulldozer.
Ergonomics hexahedron cab, comfortable driving, great eyesight.
Suspension single deceleration pedal, small dimension, large transferring place, relaxed procedure.The seat adjustment is practical and gives the most cozy manage posture for the driver. Cab integral sealing shock absorption technique, reduced sounds.Vehicle security passage method to make sure driver safety.

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Variety Six-cylinder,drinking water-cooled turbocharged,mechanical injection
Rated electrical power 316KW
Rated pace     1800rpm
Put into action CZPT System  
CZPT stream price 300L/min
CZPT strain eighteen.3MPa
Pump variety Double vane pump
Handle valve CZPT operated
Beneath Carriage Program  
Sprocket Elevated
Quantity of monitor rollers (each side) 8(four one, four double)
Variety of CZPT rollers (each side) 1
Quantity of entrance idler (every facet) 2
Keep track of kind Single grouser
Observe tension CZPT
Track pitch 240mm
Keep track of width 610mm
Number of monitor footwear (each and every facet) 43
Observe length on floor 3474mm
Floor clearance 517mm
Major CZPT Specification  
Running bodyweight(with out ripper) 44600Kg
Floor pressure(with no ripper) .102MPa
Grade ability 58%
All round proportions (L×W×H,without having ripper) 6592×4314×3970mm
Max. tractive drive 440KN
Operating CZPT  
Blade type Side-tipping
Width 4314mm
Height 1934mm
Max. digging depth 614mm
Max. carry above floor 1422mm
Tilting angle
Blade ability thirteen.5m³
Transmission Method  
Equipment box Built-in bevel equipment,several phase planetary gear box, speed shifting control valve
Torque converter Electrical power separating hydraulic mechanical kind
Last generate Two phase planetary reduction gear system
Equipment shifts(CZPT/Reverse)Travelling velocity(km/h) F3/R3
CZPT/Reverse I 3.nine/four.eight
CZPT/Reverse II
CZPT/Reverse III 12.2/15.1
Services Capacities  
Gas tank 889L
Water tank 125L
Employ oil tank 89L
Steering clutch Oil-type, cost-free-adjustment, A number of disc, Pressed hydraulically
Steering brake Pressed by spring, Separated hydraulically, costant meshed sort

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Track Type Dozer 450HP Dozer with Spare Parts