Wire Rod Steel Production Line Finishing Rolling Mill Monoblock Automation Turnkey Project

Wire Rod Steel Production Line Finishing Rolling Mill Monoblock Automation Turnkey Project

The purpose of the equipment
The ending mill group is composed of top crossed 45° large-velocity wire-rod finishing mills.
The ending mill group is found in higher-speed wire-rod workshop. Through 10 unit rack the continuous micro-tension rolling mill will be transported upstream Φ17 ~ Φ21mm of rolling, rolling become Φ5.5 ~ Φ16mm finished wire. The functioning pace of 90m/s is insured. The specification of conclude item is Φ5.5mm. 

Structural characteristics of finishing mill
Finishing mill unit is mixed with ten mills, velocity rising box, assistance foundation, arc coupling, waterproof slot, watertight plate, the protective protect, piping and information of ending mill. Mill frame is composed of a few Φ200mills and seven Φ150 mills, body use leading crossed 45° composition kind to achieve no twisting, no make contact with axis, little axis and shock for products, apart from, it decrease the centre of gravity height, the steadiness improved as well, in the imply time, the complete weigh has decrease and it is simple to preserve. 10 frames are concentrated transmission.
Roll body is composed of roller box, bevel gearbox and spare parts of bevel gearbox.
Roller box and bevel gearbox adopt outdoors combinational instruction, lessen the dimensions of bevel gearbox to decrease the bodyweight of finishing mill, lower the room of mills to make their structure compact. Roller box utilised cantilever roll loop, there is eccentric locking collar in the box to adjust roll gap. CZPT bearing and roll shaft are inside eccentric locking collar , taper sleeve is employed to correct roll loop which is in the finish of roll shaft.
Bevel gearbox is composed of box, transmission box, spiral bevel gear roll and synchronized gears. All gears are hardened grinding gear, geartooth correction is essential. The accuracy stage of spiral bevel gearbox is 6 and spherical bevel gearbox is five to insure the easy doing work of substantial velocity.
Roller box and bevel gearbox are linked by bolts, a component of roller box plug into the bevel gearbox to allow two synchronized gears in bevel gearbox meshed. Roller box and bevel gearbox are set by two locating pin, the roller box with exact same specification can be changed.
The axial drive of the roll shaft beared by a pair of thrust ball bearings , this ball bearing mounted on the axial clearance in the absence of the resilient washer, simply because the really modest axial clearance ball alone, consequently the roll shaft to accurately positioned in the axial course, which ensures precise roll rolling precision, which is to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.
The roller shaft around the film bearing is designed in the form with taper, so the roller shaft can bear uniform load distribution even it is bend. So the life span of roller can be improved.
The adjustment of roll hole is to rotate feed screw with remaining and correct thread and nut. When the two eccentric rotated fairly, the distance of two rollers changed with the symmetrical eccentric relative motion of eccentric locking collar, so the spot of previous roller line and guidebook can be preserve.
Roller loop is tungsten carbide, it is connected on the cantilever roll shaft, we use the specific hydraulic changing roll gear to substitute roll loop, it is practical and straightforward.

CZPT efficiency

Materials specification Φ16~20mm
Material temperature >850ºC
Create specification Φ5.5~16mm
The sorts of rolling metal CZPT steel, reduced alloy steel, substantial alloy metal, higher-high quality carbon structural steel
Speed of the exit of tenth frame 75m/s

 CZPT functionality
The kind of mill: Cantilever roller loop mill
The quantity of body: 10 (very first~fifth frame are Φ200 mill,sixth~tenth frame are Φ150mill)
Design and style method:  top crossed 45°, ten frames concentrated transmission.
Size of roll loop:   Φ200 mill:(Φ210.5–Φ189.five)×Φ120.65×72mm
Φ150 mill:(Φ158.eight-Φ142.9)×Φ87.76×62mm
CZPT of rolling:     Φ200 mill:152kN
Area of rolling:  Φ200 mill:2.86kNm
Φ150 mill:one.61kNm
Transmission motor:  DC motor
                  Power: 1600kW×three or 4500 kW AC inverter motor
                   CZPT speed: 1000~1300 r/min
                   Working rotary velocity: 900~1100r/min
The speed ratio of mill team:

The variety of body Total speed ratio
No1  Φ200 mill 1.01206818
No2  Φ200 mill .80487113
No3  Φ200 mill .66878989
No4  Φ150 mill .45719947
No5  Φ150 mill .32262096
No6  Φ150  mill .25726428
No7  Φ150 mill .20520449
No8  Φ150 mill .16346826
No9  Φ150 mill .13058466
No10 Φ150 mill .10499989

CZPT: slender oil focus lubricated
            System oil strain: .35~.6MPa
            Consumption: 1500L/min
            Oil: Mobil 525
 Cleanliness: 10m
           CZPT for roll: h2o stress: .6MPa
           Consumption: optimum is 10´30m3/h
           CZPT pressure system of protective go over:
           Working pressure: 20MPa
           System circulation:  35 l/min
           Composition of machine: Φ200 mill(3),Φ150mill(7), guild fittings, speed rising box, assist base, flap, water-proof slot, buffer tank, the protecting cover, couplings and pipework of ending mill.

Before sale: design the suitable machine based on the specific demands
Medium sale:
one.Based on customer’s demand to offer moderate quotation project two.Accept customers to visit our factory  
3.Help customer work out the schedule in china 
Soon after-sale:
1.On-site training personnel two.Appoint special aftersale service staff, arrived at the scene guide clients  installation and commission

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Wire Rod Steel Production Line Finishing Rolling Mill Monoblock Automation Turnkey Project