China high quality Power Tiller Gearbox Customization Mini Plough Portable Wheel Cultivator gearbox design

Product Description

Power Tiller Gearbox Customization Mini Plough Portable Wheel Cultivator

Product Description

                            Tilling                                                                                      Weeding                            Powert Tiller         Ditching

Mainly used for:;Tilling,;weeding,;ditching,;ridging,;mulch laying.;

The multifunction mini power tiller.;It is widely used in orchards,;vegetable fields,;mountains and paddy fields,;and it’s very popular among customers.;

Model 1WGQ4-90A
Overall dimensions(L*W*H); 1400*900*900mm
Weight ≤60kg
Engine brand DUCAR Power
Engine type consumption Gasoline,;4 stroke,;air cooled
Tilling width 300-870mm
Tilling depth 100-150mm
Diameter of  the rotary blade 320mm
Displacement 225cc
Handlebar Reduce shake system with spring(adjustable);
Economical Fuel consumption 10.;5kg/ hm²
Productivity 0.;1-0.;12hm2/(h·m);
Clutch Centrifugal clutch,; Dry type
Gear shift Stepless
Operating speed 0.;7-1m/s
Tread 350mm
Rotary blade speed RPM180
Carburetor choke Included
Electric start Optional
Power transmission Full gear
Wheel Solid tire
Axis Inner diameter 23mm
Operate method Walking behind
Start method Manual Recoil
Function Tilling/ Weeding/ Ditching/ Ridging/Seeding/Spraying/Mulch laying

Applicable:;Plain,;basin,;hill,;mountin country,;greenhouse,;vegetable garden,;orchard,;hard land,;dry land,;sandy land,;loose land,;paddy field

Product details

Big-displacement vertical axis engine,;three-leve air filter,;full gear drive system.;The engine adopts domestic first-class brand with quality assurance.;
Small volume,;light weight,;compact structure.;The whole machine adopts reasonable design,; low fuel consumption,; high efficiency,; strong horsepower,; time-saving and labor-saving.;
Oil bath centrifugal cluth,;simple operation,;strong power and durable quality.;
The  gearbox has high strength and strong durability.;

About us

Our company is committed to research,;development,;production and sales of agricultural machinery.;Our main products are multi-functional power tiller,;brush cutter,;power sprayer,;power generator,;water pump,;etc.;The products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia,;Africa,;European and  American,;all the export value takes up 85% of the total sales amount each year.;Our core value is provide high-quality products to our customers.;We believe quality is the life of an enterprise.;Welcome to visit us and we it’s hoped that we can build a CHINAMFG relationship in near future.;Thank you for your trust!

Our factory

Packaging & Shipping


Q:;Are you a produce factory or trading company?
A:;We are produce company.;
Q:;What is your MOQ?
A:;10 sets.;
Q:;What about your payment term?
A:;T/T,;Western Union,;Paypal.;
Q:;What is the mode of transportation?
A:;By sea.;
Q:;What is the delivery time?
A:; Order amount under 100 sets 7 days.;
Q:;Do you have OEM service?
A:;Yes,;our main business is OEM service.;
Q:;What is the warranty time?
A:;The power tiller warranty time 1 year,;gearbox 3 years.;

After-sales Service: Video Guided Maintenance
Type: Rotary Tiller
Application Field: Agriculture
Farming Policy: Dry Cultivating Machinery
Power Source: Gasoline
Operation: Arable Machinery, Movable Operation


Customized Request

greenhouse gearbox

Essential Maintenance Practices to Prolong Greenhouse Gearbox Lifespan

Proper maintenance is crucial to extend the lifespan of greenhouse gearboxes and ensure their reliable performance. Here are essential maintenance practices to consider:

  • Regular Lubrication: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication intervals and use the appropriate lubricant. Lubrication reduces friction and wear, preventing premature failure.
  • Cleaning and Inspection: Regularly clean the gearboxes to remove dirt, debris, and moisture. Perform visual inspections to identify any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage.
  • Torque Monitoring: Monitor the gearbox’s torque output to ensure it remains within its design limits. Excessive torque can lead to damage and reduced lifespan.
  • Alignment Check: Periodically check the alignment of the gearbox with other components. Misalignment can lead to increased stress on the gearbox and reduced efficiency.
  • Temperature Control: Maintain the proper operating temperature within the greenhouse. Extreme temperatures can affect lubrication and lead to premature wear.
  • Overload Protection: Implement overload protection mechanisms to prevent the gearbox from being subjected to loads beyond its capacity.
  • Seal Inspection: Check the seals and gaskets for signs of wear or damage. Damaged seals can lead to moisture and contaminants entering the gearbox.
  • Replacement of Worn Parts: If any components show signs of wear, corrosion, or damage, replace them promptly. Ignoring worn parts can lead to more extensive damage and decreased lifespan.
  • Professional Inspection: Periodically have the gearboxes inspected by professionals. They can identify issues that might not be visible during regular maintenance and address them before they escalate.
  • Documentation: Maintain thorough records of maintenance activities, including lubrication schedules, inspections, and repairs. This documentation helps track the gearbox’s performance over time.

By consistently following these maintenance practices, greenhouse operators can significantly prolong the lifespan of their gearboxes and ensure reliable operation of ventilation and shading systems.

greenhouse gearbox

Optimizing Performance of Greenhouse Gearboxes through Gear Ratios

Gear ratios play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of greenhouse gearboxes by influencing various aspects of their operation:

  • Speed and Torque: Gear ratios determine the relationship between the speed of input and output shafts. By selecting appropriate gear ratios, greenhouse gearboxes can achieve the desired balance between speed and torque, ensuring efficient operation of ventilation systems, louvers, and other components.
  • Precision: The right gear ratios enable precise control over the movement of various greenhouse mechanisms. This is crucial for maintaining accurate positioning of vents, shades, and other elements to regulate temperature and lighting.
  • Energy Efficiency: Properly chosen gear ratios ensure that the gearbox operates within its optimal range, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. This is especially important for automation systems that require continuous adjustment.
  • Response Time: Gear ratios influence the response time of the gearbox in adjusting greenhouse components. Well-matched gear ratios allow for quick and smooth transitions, ensuring rapid adaptation to changing conditions.
  • Load Distribution: Gear ratios help distribute loads evenly across various components, preventing strain and wear. This extends the lifespan of both the gearbox and the connected mechanisms.

In essence, gear ratios enable greenhouse gearboxes to tailor their performance to the specific needs of the environment, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth while maximizing efficiency and longevity.

greenhouse gearbox

Automation of Ventilation and Shading Systems with Greenhouse Gearboxes

Greenhouse gearboxes play a vital role in automating ventilation and shading systems, enhancing the efficiency of greenhouse operations:

  • Ventilation Systems: Gearboxes are integrated into automated ventilation setups to control the opening and closing of windows, louvers, and vents. By adjusting the gear ratios, these gearboxes enable precise regulation of airflow based on factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. This automation helps maintain optimal growing conditions and prevents excessive heat buildup.
  • Shading Systems: Gearboxes are utilized in automated shading systems that provide protection from intense sunlight. These systems include retractable screens or shading curtains that can be controlled based on light intensity and time of day. Greenhouse gearboxes allow gradual adjustments to the shading level, preventing sudden changes that could stress plants. By automating shading, gearboxes contribute to maintaining consistent light levels and preventing overheating.

The automation of ventilation and shading systems using greenhouse gearboxes reduces the need for manual intervention, especially in large-scale greenhouse operations. Growers can program the gearboxes to respond to environmental conditions, ensuring that plants receive the right amount of fresh air and light without requiring constant monitoring.

China high quality Power Tiller Gearbox Customization Mini Plough Portable Wheel Cultivator   gearbox design		China high quality Power Tiller Gearbox Customization Mini Plough Portable Wheel Cultivator   gearbox design
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