Greenhouse Gear Motors Reducer Gearbox for Greenhouse



Our greenhouse reducer and gearbox series is suitable for all kinds of greenhouse skylights, side windows, roll shading film, edge film, insulation quilt, northern straw curtain and so on.

In order to meet different customers and different structural needs, the series has been developed. The center distance is from 30 to 100mm, the speed ratio is from 150:1 to 1800:1, the limit range is from 0.5 to 60 rpm, and the torque is from 150N.m to 2000N. .m.

This type of greenhouse geared motor has the characteristics of compact structure, large speed ratio, large torque, light weight, low noise, good sealing, absolutely reliable limit, long service life, good self-locking performance and low price.

Through large-scale, long-term use of various greenhouse reducer companies, reliable quality, advanced technology, won numerous accolades.

 Maintenance free
 unique and compact Unique expansion chamber
 High quality and reliable
 Easy-to-program limit switch


Maximum drive torque of 150 Nm or 450 Nm.
Rotational speeds of 3 or 5 rpm for a mains frequency of 50 Hz or 3.6 or 6 rpm for a mains frequency of 60 Hz in case of application of 4-pole electric motor.
Protection class IP65.
Can be used in ambient temperatures of 0-60°C.
Suitable for discontinuous use, operating class s3-30%, maximum activation time 25 minutes.
Equipped as standard with 16-tooth galvanised chain coupling 5/8″x3/8″.
FT85 motor assembly flange for installation of IEC standard motor (EN 50347).
Maximum switching range of limit switch system 40 or 64 revolutions of the drive shaft.
IP68 M16x1.5 cable gland for cable feedthrough (5-9 mm cable).

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